Horse Grazing
Two Horses Grazing
Bird Flying in the Clouds
Horse in Pasture
Lone Bird in a Cloudy Sky
Crow Surveying the Valley
Majestic Horse in Field
Tiny Bird in the Clouds
Close Up of a Brown Horse
Barred Owl
Chipmunk in Snow
Bird of Prey
Horses in Green Pasture
A Horse and a Donkey
Large, Majestic Horse
Red Squirrel with Acorn Meat
Flying Bird Silhouette
Duck in Field
Red Squirrel Eating
Red Squirrel in Tree
Lone Bird in Foreboding Sky
Large Bird Flying Low Over Treetops
Chipmunk on Old Fallen Log
Chipmunk Peeking From Under Roots
Shy Squirrel in the Forest
Chipmunk on the Rocks
Curious Chipmunk
Inquisitive Chipmunk
Lone Duck
Red Squirrel in the Shadows