Orange Sunset on a Still Lake
Golden Reflections
Stars Over the Bay
Water Ripples
Calm Mountain Reflections
Cloud Silhouettes Against Golden Sunset Sky
Sun Reflected on Frozen Lake
Ice on Water’s Edge
Dark Ripples on the Lake
Dark and Light Over Lake
Glaze Ice on Lake
Small Waves on Lake
Dark Reflections
Sunset Reflection
Rugged Lakeshore
Lakeside Sunset
Lone Duck
Summer Sunset, Dark
Ice Crystals on Water’s Edge
Frozen Lake
Snowy Trees Lining Frozen Lake
Old Cabin on Water’s Edge
Nightime Reflections
Purple Night Sky
Glowing Light Peeking Through Heavy Clouds
Sunset Over Lake Silhouette
Warm Summer Sunset on the Lake
Glowing Clouds Over Lake
Hot Summer Sunset
Summer Night Reflections