Choppy Ice on the Lake
Night Sky Over Winter Ice
Distant Boat on Lake
Hazy Sunset Over Lakes and Mountains
Sunset Over Lake in the Distance
Frozen Lake with Land in View
Looking Across the Frozen Lake
Sunset Over Frozen Landscape
View of Islands from Above
Picture-Perfect Summer Lake
Green Treetop Against Lake Backdrop
Mellow Mountain Sunset
Delicate Water Ripples and Ice
Sunlight Reflected on Icy Lake
Calm Sunset Lake Reflections
Turning to Blue Hour
Peaceful Lake at Night
Sunset Sky Over Landscape
Spooky Moonlit Night
Vacation Lake
Lush Green Forest Under Cloudy Sky
Warm Summer Sunset from Mountaintop
Moored Boats at Sunset
Warm Summer Day
Rocky Lookout with Lakes and Mountains in the Distance
Bare Tree Reflections
Blue Hour Reflections
Looking Across the Lake at Dusk
Clouds Rolling Across the Horizon
Thick Clouds Clearing to Blue Sky