Evidence of Summer Rain
Tickseed Flowers
Wet Serrated Leaf
Yellow Wildflowers
Single Daisy with Raindrops
Fine Grass Strands
Drooping Fern Frond
At Leaf’s Edge
Macro Raindrops on Bright Green Leaf
Thick Ferns
Dense Lupine Field
Soft Focus Lupine Field
Purple Lupines
Delicate Ferns
Leaves of Three
Single Small Sunflower
Single Leaf with Dew Drops
Sunflower Searching for Sun
Delicate Ferns Growing
Ferns on a Humid Day
Vibrant Purple Lilacs
Plants Growing in Rock Crevice
Lush Green Leaves
Bee on Yellow Flower
Small Yellow Flowers
Vines Growing on Fence
Small Plants Growing Near Stream