Pretty Macro Flower and Rain
Rainy Leaf Macro Detail
Macro Rain Droplets
Summer Daisy Macro
Dew on a Green Leaf
Fallen Leaves Amongst Rocks
Dripping Tree Branches
Dripping Green Leaves
Wet Oak Leaves
Golden Maple Leaf on Rock
Translucent Beech Leaves
Wet Leaves on Rocks
Golden Oak Leaf on Rock
Fall Reflections
Wet Fall Forest Floor
Bright Wet Leaves
Wet Maple Leaf, Muted Colors
Evidence of Summer Rain
Wet Serrated Leaf
Dew Drops on Oak Leaves
Shiny Green Leaves
Fern Frond
Macro Raindrops
Fine Wet Grass
Raindrops on Dark Green Leaves
Dark Green Leaves Against Black Background
Single Daisy with Raindrops
Macro Raindrops on Bright Green Leaf
Drooping Leaf Against Dark Background
Cluster of Bright Green Leaves