Gradient Sky
Pink Moon Rising
Soft Dusky Gradient
Ice on Water’s Edge
Forbidding Mountaintop
Cold Mountain Layers
Chipmunk in Snow
Snowy Mountainside
Frozen Waterfall
Moody Winter
Gloomy Mountaintop
Hazy Orange Sky
Icy Snow Macro
Melting Snow
Snow on Mossy Rock
Winter Branch
Light Snow Falling
Frozen Mountainside
Icy Rushing Stream
Grey Mountaintop
Frosted Mountaintop
A Touch of Snow on Foggy Hillside
Looking Across the Bottom of the Mountain
Subtle Snowdrifts
Rocky Mountainside in Winter
Following a Snow Squall
Foggy, Cold Mountainside
Snow-Dusted Peak
Cold Mountainside
Rocky Ledge Dusted with Snow