Translucent Beech Leaves
Fall Reflections
Dark Reflections
Bright Wet Leaves
Large River Rocks
Rushing, Ethereal Water
Leaves in a Stream
Otherworldly Water
Calm Ocean
Scraggly Pine
Seagull Flying
Crashing Ocean Wave on Rocks
Mossy Stream
Sunset Reflection
Evidence of Summer Rain
Wet Serrated Leaf
Summer Reflections
Rugged Lakeshore
Macro Raindrops on Bright Green Leaf
Rolling Lake
Dripping Oak Leaves Against Foggy Background
Wet Oak Leaf on the Ground
Wet Field Grass
Spring Reflections
Calm Night at the Coast
Lakeside Sunset
Blue Hour Over the Sea
Northern Light Reflections
Stream in Fall
Rushing Icy Stream
Lone Duck
Shallow Fall Stream
Calm River’s Edge in the Fall
Summer Sunset, Dark
Frozen River’s Edge
Water Flowing Through Frozen River
Rushing Icy Water
Anchor Ice
Winter River