Grasshopper Macro
Blue Hydrangea, Green Leaf
Hosta Flowers
Glimpse of Sunset
A Bright Spot in the Clouds
Gray, Soft Clouds
Orange Sunset on a Still Lake
Horse Grazing
A Touch of Blue Sky
Daisy Macro
Golden Clouds
Golden Reflections
Dripping Hosta Flowers
Streaks of Golden Clouds
Daisy Macro
A Storms A Brewin’
Large Puffy Cumulus
Milky Way Rising
A Study in Cloud Types
Cloud Silhouettes
Bumblebee on Meadow Sage
Bumblebee on Meadow Sage
Contrasted Clouds
Soft Clouds Over Mountains
Rays of Golden Sun
Sun Over Low Clouds
Sun Peeking Through
Two Horses Grazing
Climbing Clouds
Bird Flying in the Clouds